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Canva Magic Write Review | How to create engaging Zazzle Product Descriptions in seconds

Canva Magic Write Tool: The Secret to Writing Zazzle Wedding Invitation Product Descriptions by Zazzle Platinum Pro Seller LeahG

As a Platinum Pro Seller over at Zazzle with over 60,000 products, you can imagine that is a LOT of product descriptions I have had to write over the years. Due to time constraints and my not wanting to overly concentrate on this, my product descriptions are very hit-and-miss. And that is a missed opportunity.

Users of Zazzle might not spend too much time reading product descriptions but they are vital when affiliates share your products as part of a feed because on their pages, the product description is usually the ONLY information there is about your product. The rest of Zazzle blurb doesn't show up.

And then of course we have the unknown variable regarding how much of the product descriptions content that we contribute is visible to Google and Zazzle marketplace searches. We can only hope that it is very relevant and helpful. And that brings me to this nifty tool from Canva ( I am Pro member of Canva, it is amazing in so many ways and this is just another cherry on the cake!).

Have you heard of Canva's AI Magic Write tool? If you have then you already know in regard to writing Zazzle product descriptions that it is seriously amazing! This clever tool uses AI to create product descriptions that are super engaging and professionally worded, with grammar and spelling all as they should be. It's like having your own personal copywriter, but better. The descriptions can be crafted to showcase each product's best features and make them irresistible to potential buyers.

If you're a Zazzle wedding invitation or product designer, you need to check this tool out! It's a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their description writing process, save time and give their products an enhanced edge in the marketplace. Canva's AI magic write tool will generate professional product descriptions in seconds. Trust me, you won't regret it! I've only just discovered it myself so don't expect to see much yet on my product descriptions but they will be getting an upgrade soon. And what about that huge pile of products that you now have that are in your 'to be optimized' folder. You can update them in a flash with this tool!

Benefits of Using Canva's Magic Write Tool for crafting engaging product descriptions for Zazzle and other PODS

  1. Save Time: Writing product descriptions can be time-consuming, especially when you have multiple designs to write for. Canva's Magic Write Tool helps you save time by generating product descriptions in seconds.

  2. Increased Sales: The tool generates descriptions that are designed to sell, increasing the chances of making a sale. They are also rich in keywords so should aid seo, marketplace and Google visibility.

  3. Professional Quality: The descriptions generated by the AI tool are professional, clear and concise, ensuring that potential buyers have a good understanding of each invitation design.

  4. Overcome the language barrier: Perfect for those who want to write English product descriptions but English is not their first language.

  5. While in Canva you can also generate and create your professional quality Pinterest Pins, cover photos for your products and so much more! All FREE unless you upgrade to PRO. I am a PRO Canva user and it is worth every penny. Yes I am a brand partner of Canva but I am such because I love it! And I am certain you will too.

Canva Magic Write tool PROS

  • Canva's Magic Write Tool is an amazing tool that can help you quickly generate unique engaging and original content.

  • It is easy to use, view our short YouTube tutorial to get started

  • Free to use

  • Packed with other features that I have yet to properly discover!

Canva Magic Write tool CONS

  • 200 word input limit

It has a 200 word limit regarding the prompt text which while long enough for product description needs may not be suitable for other projects, for example you can't use the prompt to rewrite a longer piece of text.

How to Use Canva's 'Magic Write' Tool for Zazzle Wedding Invitation Product Descriptions or any other product on Zazzle

  1. Choose a product in Zazzle that you want to add a product description to or that you are in the process of publishing.

  2. Go to Canva's Magic Write page - see our video.

  3. Where the plus sign is featured on the design screen, select that and choose the magic text wand.

  4. In the space that appears write the prompt that you want the AI to use to craft your Zazzle product description. Input the words: "write a product description for a ... " and then add the relevant details about the design, such as product type, color, style, and theme. You have a 200 word limit for this prompt.

  5. Hit the return button to generate a description and voila! Canva's Magic Write Tool will generate a product description for you.

  6. Check the generated content for accuracy before copying and pasting it into your product description box on Zazzle.

WARNING: You MUST read the description to ensure it does not contain inaccurate information as the AI tool can get a bit too creative and add things that do not apply to your design. With practice, you will learn to know how to feed the prompt tool the right amount of information for it to provide a better and more accurate result!

Canva's AI Magic Write tool is a must-have for any Zazzle wedding invitation or product designer looking to streamline their product description writing process. The tool's ability to generate accurate and professional product descriptions in seconds makes it the perfect solution for busy designers looking to increase their sales. That's me in a nut shell and I am very excited to have found this and share it with you!

Please give my video and thumbs up as a little thank you for bringing this information to your attention, and ....



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