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🌴👰✈️ FREE Destination Wedding Planning Checklist - Timeline Planner

👋 Hey there! So, you've decided on a destination wedding—how exciting! Let's kick off your planning journey by choosing that dream location, setting your budget, and getting cozy with the idea of a wedding planner. 🏝️✨


9-12 Months Before:

🌟 Time to dive into the details! You've got your planner on board, now it's about reserving your spot in paradise, booking accommodations, and adding that personal touch with local activities. Your adventure is taking shape! 🏨🌞


6-9 Months Before:

💬 Invitations and dresses, oh my! We're getting closer to the big day. Send those save-the-dates, perfect your travel itinerary, and make sure everyone's on board. It's about to get real! 💌👜


3-6 Months Before:

💃 It's crunch time! You're looking fabulous in your dress, and it's time to seal the deal with your invitations. Get local with your photographer and incorporate unique customs into your ceremony. The countdown is on! 📸🎉


1-3 Months Before:

👰 The final touches! Attend those dress fittings, confirm your travel plans, and prepare to pamper yourself. Those wedding favors aren't going to pack themselves! ✈️💅


2-4 Weeks Before:

🧳 Bags are packed, and you're almost ready to jet off! Finalize all the nitty-gritty details, check those travel documents, and start feeling the excitement. It's almost showtime! 🛄🤩


1 Week Before:

👏 You've made it! You're on-site, meeting with your planner, and taking a moment to savor the pre-wedding vibes. Host a fantastic welcome event and soak it all in—it's your special week! 🥂🌟


Wedding Day:

🎉 The day has arrived, and it's going to be magical! Take a deep breath, embrace every moment, and celebrate your love with your nearest and dearest. Cheers to your unforgettable destination wedding!






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