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Worried about a RSVP no-show? Use the Knot's FREE RSVP and Wedding Website Service

The Knot requires no introduction as it is a leading US brand for all things wedding news. wedding planning and wedding trends! But if you don't already know, they also have one of the best (if not THE best) free wedding website creation tool with RSVP services.

wedding website with rsvp features

If you don't want traditional response cards and you're looking for a wedding website that includes rsvp features, then read on, because The Knot's service is borderline magic in terms of what you can do!

So what can you do - let's take a look!

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RSVP in Real Time

The Knot's wedding website RSVP function allows guests to easily respond to the wedding invitation and confirm their attendance.

When a couple creates their wedding website on The Knot, they can add an RSVP feature to the site, which includes a form where guests can input their name, email address, and the number of people attending.

The real-time RSVP feature means that as soon as a guest submits their RSVP on the website, the couple will receive a notification in real-time, letting them know that their guest has responded. This allows the couple to keep track of how many guests are attending and adjust their plans accordingly.

Additionally, the real-time RSVP feature also allows the couple to send automatic reminders to guests who have not yet responded. This helps ensure that the couple has an accurate headcount for their wedding and can make any necessary changes or adjustments in a timely manner.

The Knot's wedding website RSVP function with real-time features provides an easy and efficient way for guests to respond to wedding invitations, and for couples to keep track of their guest list and make necessary arrangements.


RSVP Custom Questions and Response Options

The Knot's RSVP service allows the couple to include custom questions for guests to answer when they RSVP. This feature is useful for gathering additional information from guests such as meal preferences, song requests, or other special requests.

To include custom questions for guests to answer when they RSVP, the couple can go to their wedding website dashboard and select the RSVP section. From there, they can click on "Add Question" and enter the question they want to ask. They can also choose whether the question is required or optional for guests to answer.

Once the custom question is added, guests will see the question on the RSVP form when they visit the couple's wedding website. When they fill out the RSVP form, they will be prompted to answer the custom question along with their name, email address, and the number of guests attending.

The couple can then view the responses to their custom questions in real-time by accessing the RSVP section of their wedding website dashboard. This allows them to easily keep track of guest preferences and requests, and make any necessary accommodations or adjustments.

Overall, The Knot's RSVP service with custom question feature provides an easy and efficient way for couples to gather additional information from guests and make their wedding planning process more personalized and streamlined.


Public or Private RSVP?

The Knot's wedding websites give you the option to make your RSVPs public or private. If it's public, anyone with the link to your website can RSVP to your events, and their names will be added to the guest list automatically. If it's private, only guests who have been added to the guest list by you or your S.O. will be able to respond. Either way, you can keep track of who has accepted or declined the invite.

Guests can ask questions via their RSVP

The Knot's online RSVP form also provides an opportunity for guests to ask questions, which saves you the hassle of extra correspondence. Since your wedding website will have all the important details about your big day anyway, you can expect fewer queries. Don't forget to include information about your wedding registry, dress code, and nearby accommodations to make prepping for the wedding day as easy as possible for you and your loved ones.


Questions your guests may ask before they RSVP:

  • Can I bring a plus 1?

  • Can I bring my children?

  • Do you have a vegan/vegeatrian/gluten free or other allergen, food preference?

  • Is their disabled access?

  • Is their parking (free)?

  • Is their accommodation?

  • What's the dress code?

  • Where do I bring/leave/send your gift?

  • Is so and so coming? By proactively addressing these questions on your wedding website, you can save your guests the trouble of having to ask and ensure everyone has a fantastic time at your wedding!

Here are some polite answers you can provide to your guests:

  • Can I bring a plus one?

We're so excited to celebrate with you! Due to capacity limitations, we're only able to accommodate the guests named on the invitation.

  • Can I bring my children?

While we'd love to have everyone's little ones join us, our wedding will be an adults-only affair.

  • Do you have a vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free or other allergen food preference?

We're happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences! Please let us know when you RSVP so we can make sure everyone is well-fed and happy.

  • Is there disabled access?

Yes, the venue is fully accessible for disabled guests. Please let us know if you require any specific accommodations so we can make sure you're comfortable.

  • Is there parking (free)?

Yes, there is free parking available at the venue. We'll provide more information on parking and directions closer to the wedding date.

  • Is there accommodation?

While we don't have a block of rooms reserved, we've put together a list of recommended accommodations in the area. We'll provide this information on our wedding website for your convenience.

  • What's the dress code?

We'd love for our guests to dress in semi-formal attire. We'll provide more information on the dress code and any specific requests on our wedding website closer to the wedding date.

  • Where do I bring/leave/send your gift?

Thank you so much for your kind gesture! We'll have a designated gift table at the reception, but if you're unable to attend, you can send your gift to [insert address here].

  • Is so and so coming?

We're so excited to have [insert name here] celebrate with us! We'll keep the guest list updated on our wedding website, so please check there for the latest updates.


How to politely remind a guest to rsvp

It's understandable to want to gently remind your guests to RSVP if they haven't responded yet. Here are a few ways you can politely remind them:

  1. Send a friendly message: Reach out to the guest with a friendly message, such as "Hi [Guest Name], we hope you received our wedding invitation and wanted to check if you've had a chance to RSVP yet? We're looking forward to celebrating with you and want to make sure we have an accurate guest count."

  2. Provide a deadline: If you haven't already, provide a clear RSVP deadline so guests know when to respond by. In your follow-up message, you can remind them of the deadline and let them know you'd appreciate a response by that date.

  3. Offer assistance: Sometimes, guests may forget to RSVP or have trouble with the online RSVP process. Offer to assist them with their RSVP if they need it, or provide an alternative method of RSVPing if they're having technical difficulties.

  4. Be gracious: Remember to be gracious and understanding in your reminder message. Your guests may have busy schedules or other things on their mind, so a gentle reminder can go a long way in making sure everyone is on the same page.

A polite and friendly reminder can help ensure that you have an accurate headcount for your wedding, while also showing your guests that you care about their attendance and want them to be a part of your special day.



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