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The Knot - Spring Wedding Invitations and FREE Spring wedding wording guide

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Floral and Pastel Shades are the theme for The Knot Spring Wedding Invitations

Attention, beautiful brides-to-be! If you're planning your spring wedding and seeking inspiration for your invitations, you've come to the right place. Spring weddings are a magical time to celebrate love and new beginnings, and we're here with The Knot to help set the tone with stunning spring wedding invitation ideas. Embrace the essence of the season with floral motifs, including pretty spring wildflowers, capturing the beauty of spring and fresh beginnings. Whether you envision a boho, rustic, or outdoorsy affair, we've handpicked the finest selection from The Knot to simplify your wedding preparations. Get ready to welcome spring in style and create memories that will last a lifetime! These spring loral-themed wedding invitations feature the latest hot trends in wedding florals.


Peonies: These lush, romantic flowers are a springtime favorite. Known for their large, delicate petals and sweet fragrance, peonies evoke feelings of love and prosperity. Their soft pastel hues make them a perfect choice for creating elegant and dreamy wedding invitations.

Peonies, the epitome of romance and beauty, make a stunning choice for incorporating into your spring wedding invitations. With their lush petals, delicate fragrance, and captivating colors, peonies perfectly capture the essence of love and the blooming spirit of the season.

With peonies adorning your spring wedding invitations, you set the stage for a celebration that embodies love, beauty, and the enchantment of the season. These captivating flowers will captivate your guests and provide a glimpse into the romantic wonderland that awaits on your special day.



Spring is a season filled with an abundance of breathtaking flowers that symbolize beauty, growth, and love. When it comes to spring wedding invitations, certain flowers have become popular choices for capturing the essence of the season. Here are some of the most sought-after blooms that frequently grace spring wedding invitations:

Tulips: Symbolizing new beginnings and perfect love, tulips are another beloved flower for spring weddings. With their slender stems and vibrant petals in a variety of shades, from classic whites and pinks to bold yellows and purples, tulips bring a sense of freshness and joy to wedding invitations.



These popular spring flowers on wedding invitations not only add a touch of natural beauty but also capture the essence of the spring season. Cherry Blossoms: These delicate and ethereal flowers hold great cultural significance, particularly in Japanese tradition. With their fleeting beauty and symbolism of renewal, cherry blossoms are a popular choice for spring wedding invitations. Their soft pink or white petals create a romantic and whimsical atmosphere.



Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of a spring greenery-themed wedding! When it comes to wedding invitations, embracing the lush and vibrant greenery of the season can set the perfect tone for your nature-inspired celebration. Here's a glimpse into how you can infuse the beauty of spring greenery into The Knot spring greenery themed wedding invitations.

Nature's Elegance: Let your wedding invitations speak of refined elegance intertwined with the freshness of spring. Incorporate delicate leaf motifs, botanical illustrations, or subtle watercolor greenery accents to create a visually captivating design.

Fresh and Crisp: Choose crisp and clean fonts that complement the natural aesthetic of spring. Opt for light and airy typography to evoke a sense of lightness and vitality, mimicking the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze.

Shades of Green: Experiment with various shades of green to capture the essence of flourishing foliage. From soft pastels to deep emeralds, select hues that reflect your vision, and consider incorporating touches of complementary colors to add depth and interest.

Inviting Verbiage: Craft your invitation wording to reflect the vibrant and inviting atmosphere of a spring greenery wedding. Phrases such as "Join us in the midst of nature's embrace" or "Amidst the lush beauty of the season, we unite in love" can capture the essence of your celebration.



Step into a whimsical world of wildflowers with The Knot enchanting wildflower-themed spring wedding invitations. If you're captivated by the untamed beauty and natural charm of wildflowers, these invitations will set the perfect tone for your romantic celebration. Here's a glimpse into how you can infuse the spirit of wildflowers into your wedding invitations:

Blossoming Beauty: Let your wedding invitations bloom with the vibrant colors and delicate petals of wildflowers. Incorporate illustrations or watercolor depictions of wildflower varieties such as daisies, poppies, lavender, or sunflowers to create a visually captivating design.

Rustic Elegance: Embrace a rustic and organic aesthetic in your invitation design. Choose earthy and textured paper or add touches of burlap or twine to evoke the charm of a wildflower field. Incorporate natural elements like wooden accents or pressed wildflowers for an added touch of authenticity.

Whimsical Typography: Select playful and whimsical fonts that complement the free-spirited nature of wildflowers. Opt for handwritten or calligraphy-inspired lettering to add a touch of romance and personalized charm to your invitation suite.

Natural Palettes: Draw inspiration from the colors found in wildflower meadows to create a harmonious color palette for your invitations. Think soft pastels, pops of vibrant hues, or a combination of warm and cool tones that mirror the natural beauty of wildflowers.

Inviting Verbiage: Craft your invitation wording to reflect the carefree and romantic ambiance of a wildflower-themed wedding. Phrases such as "Love blooms in the wild," or "Join us for a celebration of love, like a field of wildflowers" can capture the essence of your special day.

The Knot's wildflower-themed spring wedding invitations will transport your guests to a dreamy meadow, where nature's beauty unfolds. These invitations will serve as a delightful preview of the magical celebration to come, where love and the untamed allure of wildflowers intertwine in perfect harmony.


5 Tips for Wording Your Spring Wedding Invitations

Embrace the Season:

Start your spring wedding invitation with a warm and inviting tone that reflects the freshness and beauty of the season. Consider incorporating phrases like:

"Join us as we celebrate the arrival of spring" or

"Love is in full bloom, and we invite you to share in our joy."

Floral Delights

Since flowers are a quintessential element of spring, weave floral references into your invitation wording. Use phrases like:

"Amidst a garden of love and blossoms" or

"Like petals on a gentle breeze, our love has bloomed. Join us as we exchange vows."

Joyful Imagery

Paint a vivid picture of your springtime celebration with descriptive and joyful language. Capture the essence of the season by using phrases like:

"Sun-kissed ceremony" or

"A joyful gathering as nature awakens."

Seasonal Colors

Incorporate the vibrant colors of spring into your invitation wording. Mention the colors that will be prominent at your wedding, such as:

"Radiant shades of pastel pinks, blues, and greens will fill the air" or

"Celebrate with us amidst a palette of cheerful spring hues."

Celebration of Growth

Spring symbolizes growth and new beginnings, making it the perfect opportunity to express your excitement for the future. Consider phrases like:

"We invite you to witness our love as it blossoms" or

"Join us as we embark on our journey together, filled with hope, growth, and love."


5 Spring 'Headline' Themes for Your Wedding Invitations

"Love is in Bloom: Spring Wedding Invitation Wording Tips"

  • Capture the essence of the season with whimsical wording that celebrates love and the blooming beauty of spring.

"Spring Fling Wedding: Inviting You to Our Love Story"

  • Set the scene for a joyful celebration with playful wording that reflects the lively and vibrant spirit of spring.

"Cherish the Blossoms: Inviting You to Our Springtime Wedding"

  • Embrace the enchanting allure of blossoming flowers by incorporating poetic language that evokes the romance and magic of the season.

"Save the Date for Our Springtime Soiree: Wording Tips for Invitations"

  • Excite your guests with a catchy headline that invites them to a lively springtime celebration, and provide tips on how to craft the perfect invitation wording.

"Join Us in Love's Awakening: Spring Wedding Invitation Wording Guide"

  • Create a sense of anticipation by using evocative language that invites guests to witness the awakening of love in a springtime setting. Offer a helpful guide to wording your invitations with grace and style.


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